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is there a changelog anywhere to view what's been changed in the new updates? cause I cant find it unless I'm being blind.

source of the portrait image?


More stolen assets.


He gives the source and literally said in the description "I do not own any of the images, concepts, videos or characters presented in the game."

Maybe read before criticising


i love your content, really good.  However i have a suggestion, same concept but for marel heros. and i would like a lot more scenes, secret scenes,etc

is he still working on this?


Yes, but I’m going to update my other games before returning to this one

k thx

Great game i'd love for this to get more fleshed out with more characters and random events tho it feels kind of empty


These games are really good, just as an idea, could you make one about female pokemons? that would be good as well


Oh yeah, definitely! I was planning on doing pokemon for my next one

sounds nice

Gotta ask, how many skill points should it take to unlock everything? Like, per each of them? It'll be good to know how much effort to put in for now.

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3 for Black Widow and Harley,  4 for Star and Raven, 7 for Supergirl (she has an alternate form), get 4 for Gwen and go save people and something should appear, and then 2 for Venom

Here i was getting em up to like 50 before i stopped.

Yeah, same, lol. So it's good to know there's a small amount for now, and a lot to look forward to. :)

Will there be any android version or no?

Probably not since I’m not sure how I’d make that


doing great with the games dude, even if they are sorta just scene viewers. hope to see some anime stuff from you maybe.

I’d be down to make one. Any recommendations for characters?


tsuyu asui maybe, shes got a lotta sfm stuff so youve got material bro. also preferably not blacked

Rem or hinata